"You Pissed Me Off.." - Kekasih Afifah Mengamuk Dengan Aliff Aziz

"You Pissed Me Off.." - Kekasih Afifah Mengamuk Dengan Aliff Aziz

Semalam Afifah Nasir ada membuat kenyataan yang amat mengejutkan tentang isu melibatkan dirinya dengan Aliff Aziz.

Memang ramai yang tak sangka dengan pendedahan dari Afifah itu (BACA SINI)

Kemudian, Aliff Aziz pula telah tampil memebri respon dengan mengatakan pendedahan Afifah itu langsung tak masuk akal.

Baca respon Aliff Aziz (DI SINI)

Kali ini, kekasih kepada Afifah iaitu Wan Ariff juga dilihat tidak dapat menahan sabar lagi dan membuat kenyataan di laman IG miliknya.

Ternyata Aliff Aziz telah membuatkan Wan Ariff berang.

Ini komen dari kekasih Afifah ini:

Enough is enough. Time for me to speak up. Im using my personal IG to voice out because I dont know any reporters or bloggers to release what I want to say. @aliffaziz91 im not sure if you were aware or not, but the fact is, you were dancing by yourself. Afifah berani sumpah atas Quran she never had feelings for you. It was all part of the act to entertain your childish behavior. Every text she replied you, was discussed with SOME of the people in that shooting, and I was aware of it . Yes she made a mistake of letting you hold her hand, but that was the only time and she apologized to your wife. If production doesn't want to speak up let them be. They're scared. We tried to settle this peacefully but you still want to argue back. I know how SNEAKY you can be on and off set. Afifah tells me everything without even me having to ask. Go ahead and deny this, Allah sees all. Alhamdulillah, after lock up you apologized to the world for what you did, especially to your wife who doesn't deserve the way you treated her. I respected that. But you pissed ME off, when you included Afifah's name. "Jangan tegakkan benang yang basah"? The truth is not out yet. If you're not satisfied with my statement come talk to me face to face like a man. I will be at your set on Thursday accompanying Afifah.

Semoga mereka dapat berjumpa antara satu sama lain dan menyelesaikan hal ini.

Harap dapat settle masalah yang semakin kusut ini dengan baik.

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